Terms & Conditions

I am fully Trained and Insured in nail cutting and care, also massage therapy.

I am not a Registered Podiatrist / Chiropodist or Foot Practitioner.

Should you book a visit which I attend, but have conditions not declared at initial phone / email contact that require a Registered Professional, you will be charged half the full fee, accepting that I will not be able to carry out any treatment.

At my treatments if I were to spot something of possible concern, as I am not trained to diagnose this would mean I would advise you to seek medical advice from a Healthcare Professional. ( I can provide contact details of Registered Providers )

You will be required to confirm that you do not suffer with any of the following as these  conditions would need the attention of Registered Podiatrists / Chiropodists.

. Diabetes / Reduced Sensation of any Limbs

. Cancers of any origin / Disorders of the immune system 

. Blood Clotting Disorders

. Any Contagious Conditions / Infections /Nail conditions/ 


Any Diarrhoea or Vomiting and I will be unable to attend for any appointment until 72 hours after any episode.

Any temperature, cough, sore throat, or change is smell or taste before a planned visit, you agree to cancel your appointment. In which case until you have had a negative PCR I will be unable to visit. 

Between my treatments, should any health conditions change, you agree to update me prior to any further visits.

You agree to notify me immediately should you / someone who has been in contact with you in person, at any point be diagnosed with Covid 19. This is in order to comply with Government Guidelines, so the relevant precautions/ actions can be taken as per Public Health England’s Guidance for your safety/ my family and clients safety.

As I am trained in Nail Cutting only, should any other hand or foot care services be needed, I will be able to provide contact details of relevant healthcare professionals.

You agree for me to hold your contact details, including Next Of Kin and GP details of whom would only be contacted if it was in your best interests/emergencies.

I will wear all appropriate PPE during the time spent during my treatments, all equipment is completely sterilised between clients.

Grapeseed Oil which is a natural product is used for any massage treatments. 

You will be able to leave a message on Snowdrop Nails phone anytime, understanding that responses may take a few hours due to her Care Work. ( When on holiday a message can be left on the phone, but will not be responded to until I return from holiday ) 

If I attend your address where you had failed to cancel, but do not want your nails\ massage done, you agree to pay a half price visit fee. ( 24 Hour notice period is required to cancel any visit without incurring this half price fee )

As I am self employed with family, should I ever have to cancel an Appointment/ Emergency, illness suddenly arise, you will be contacted with as much notice as possible and there would be no fee charged. 

You understand I will endeavour to keep to times stated for my appointments, however realising if there are occasions where I  may be held up for any reason such as a client taking longer or traffic on the road. ( Should our appointment be running more than 15 minutes behind, you will be notified by phone call. )

I am also a Senior Carer for over 20 years, covered by Liability Insurance, DBS Checked, First Aid Trained, along with many Qualifications that can be found on this website.

I have extra training in Alzheimers / Dementia and Palliative Care, also as part of my service I would be quite happy to support Clients restricted to their beds/ wheel chairs when requiring nail care/massage therapy. 

For payment terms - You agree to make Payment by Card/ cash/ bank transfer payments would need to be made before each visit.

Any increase in payments each year will always be notified ( within 1 month of change )

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