Edith Ellen Foundation testimonial

Why the Edith Ellen Foundation appreciates 

The genuine Caring Abilities and Attributes of Adeline Dalley.   

The Edith Ellen Foundation is a national independent Charity which aspires to prompt cultural change towards attitudes that are always dedicated to Kindness, within integrated holistic care.


The Foundation intends to put kindness at the heart of all nursing and care, and through fresh ideas and support, inspire a national culture that brings clarity of the services they deliver and loyalty to the people they look after.  It ensures that people have ownership of their own nursing and care, and, by building strong partnerships, understanding and commitment by everyone who provides these services.  


The Foundation has found that remarkable people come into your life for a reason. 


When the Foundation was given a copy of Adeline Dalley’s Book “Behind Those Care Home Doors”, we realised, that here was someone that had an exceptional gift, and a genuine ability to provide respect, empathy and compassion to all the frail and vulnerable people that she looks after. AND that we needed to find her.  


It took us a while to track her down, but when we finally met her, we were not disappointed as she echoes all the Core Values that our Foundation upholds - in every way she is trusted and supportive, operates with integrity, and promotes Kindness as she strives for excellence in caring.


From the moment the Foundation met Adeline, her natural ability and manner to connect and communicate with every one that needs care, and to be able to deliver the right care at the right time, just shone through. She touched us, professionally and personally, and we knew that, in this person was everything, and more, that you could wish for for in a dedicated and skilful carer.  


If you would ask the Foundation to define what makes a person a celebrated carer, our reply would stipulate- one like Adeline:

A Person who:

  1. You can explicitly trust to bring only a sense of safety warmth and comfort as they walk alongside and touch that person’s life every time they care for them.
  2. Will never categorise people into boxes, never patronise them, but treats everyone with the dignity and respect that you would like to be treated with your-self.
  3. Understands where people are coming from and who hears and interprets their wishes and needs, even if they cannot communicate their own feelings; especially if they have any sensory impairment
  4. Shows understanding patience, tolerance, compassion, a sense of humour, and who never stops believing in making the most of each moment and time they interact with each individual person.
  5. Has the empathy to go that extra mile time to ensure people are never lonely, bored or isolated, only always connected and surrounded by their family, friends and their local community.
  6. Will  take time with people , and never walk away , talk over or  go through the motion of putting  routine first before their needs
  7. Recognises small things are important and when sometimes small things are enough.
  8. Will not steal people’s identities because they are too busy to  stop, stay and allay people’s fears, worries and concerns and make them smile again
  9. Does not fail you, when you, or your loved one, are losing your life
  10. With their heart, soul and mind is only dedicated to kindness and understanding, each and every time they deliver care, to ensure individual people in their care, has a better day every day.

If you would ask us why we chose Adeline to join the Countess of Mar as a Patron of the Edith Ellen Foundation, it is because she too, similarly puts into action, and complements everything the Foundation aspires to achieve:

Our whole vision, resilience and sustainability within the Edith Ellen Foundation and it’s one focus - is to  consistently developing the human warmth, compassion and kindness in all health and social care services, for the improved well-being, support and care for all our frail and vulnerable people. 

For those who are young or old, whether with short term or ongoing physical and mental health conditions, learning disabilities or diverse needs, the Foundation, exists because everyone  deserves a better understanding of their needs and wishes, and the right to expect a safe quality care experience every time

The Foundation asked people to share their views on what KINDNESS means to them, and this was the overwhelming definition:

Compassion without judgement-

No fear- Just one Heart to Another

Adeline Dalley’s heartbeats are nothing but Kindness.

She truly leaves behind her own unique footprint in the life of the people she touches, bringing her exceptional strengths and capabilities to provide something special, rather than extra, in the way she cares about each individual person

Kate Blake 

Edith Ellen Foundation.