My Care Beliefs



Everyone has the right to be treated with the care we would show our own family.

Dignity, respect, empathy, trust, compassion, loyalty, privacy and the right to live life without fear of any type of abuse or neglect is paramount (part of my mission in the work I do with The Edith Ellen Foundation).

We are all individuals with different needs and wishes, everyone is unique.

After working across many homes and writing the book, I decided to make a positive change to peoples lives with the care I can provide. Seeing this is the most rewarding part of the job you could ask for.

More personal than a big agency, just one person wanting to give care the way I believe everyone deserves, concentrating on one individuals needs at a time.

I believe care is about what you can do, rather than focusing on what you can't. Also everyone should not feel as if they simply just exist, but rather that everyone has qualities/ experiences in their lives that can often be put to positive use in so many ways. Good care is about making people see their worth.