Daily Express - 3000 a month dying from dehydration !

Hydrate me Band

This vinyl wrist band ( similar to some hospital bands ) has been designed to highlight patients who may be at higher risk of Dehydration/Malnourishment due to certain conditions. My band has just been granted Design Right Protection by the Intellectual Property Office (Design No.4042554).

Through my position I am contacted by so many concerned relatives who have witnessed their loved ones not being supported with food and fluids. This is not only in Hospitals or Care Homes but also those living independantly relying on carers to go in and prepare meals.

I have recently witnessed this myself when one of my own clients  went into hospital. Often I saw she had food and drinks that were just left in front of her untouched. 

Out of desperation from this ladies family and also my own frustrations, I decided something needed to be done in highlighting awareness to staff.

All staff need to be able to recognise patients needing assistance who are unable to speak for themselves.


Useful for those living with conditions such as




Brain injury

Cognitive conditions

Motor Neurone

Multiple Sclerosis



Generally frail and vulnerable

Conditions causing drowsiness ( UTI )


Useful alert for all Nursing and Care staff because

The band is easy to read.

Staff can easily recognise those at potentially higher risk from dehydration.

Agency staff who dont know the patients history can easily identify without reading notes for each patient first.

Consultants and Doctors can instantly visualise the more dependant patients, ( offer them a drink while discussing their notes)

Unlike some hospital boards that can be written on, these bands stay on the patient so if they are moved wards the reminder does not need to move with them. (Reducing risk of someone not writing on the next board)

As staff are sometimes borrowed from other wards, (working without handovers) they too can see straight away who needs assistance.

Home Care Agencies, rarely do the same staff go in each time all week. If they see a patient with this band and do not look in the notes they can see quickly this is a person to assist, not cook a meal and leave it in front of them.

What this has the potential to prevent

Our loved ones dying needlessly from hunger and thirst

Reduction in Urinary infections

Reduction in numbers of Hospital Trusts being persued with legal action for Neglect

Better recommendations of hospitals and Care Homes where relatives can see how they are taking action, they are trying to prevent associated problems through Dehydration and Malnutrition

Poor M U S T scores which can lead to pressure areas

Mobility problems associated with UTIs

Confusion and Delerium associated with Dehydration

Blood glucose problems because patients get regular meals, rather than them sitting there and being taken away uneaten

People on end of life care being left without being tried to see if they wish to eat or drink a little


The Band Details

Made from Vinyl, with a plastic clip - Anyone allergic to such materials should avoid use/contact with the bands

These bands are waterproof, will not smudge if wiped clean

Due to the size of the clip, this band is not suitable for small children and is not a toy

The choice is made by the individual buyer, as to if they feel the wearer is safe to keep this band on unsupervised

Once applied the clip is very hard to remove and requires cutting off, no responsibility will be accepted for misuse of the product

There are NO guarantees that this band will ensure the instructions are followed by staff (clearly the hope is that they will be)

People on entering any hospital/ care setting are normally allowed to wear things such as these, unless there is a very good medical reason for it to be removed.

However the band once purchased by each individual, this is their personal item of property, to be worn when and where they choose to do so


Once attached the plastic clip is extremely difficult to remove, and therefore ensure band is at correct width before fitting

Registered Design Protected.


For bulk orders please email on snowdropcare@sky.com for discount.