New service soon - Nail cutting with hand arm and foot massage option

1. 2022

Nail Cutting Service

Mobile Nail Cutting Service - Have your hand and toe nails cut from the comfort of your own home. Also available hand, arm and foot massage option.

Subject to Terms and Conditions with regards to underlying medical conditions.

Snowdrop Care


My years of experience mean I have a great understanding of the varying needs of people and their families. It was in 2014 I decided to start out independently, partly because of so many families genuine concerns around larger Agency Care issues such as. 


  • Too many different staff members, with high staff turnover.
  • Staff not always able to keep agreed visit times, sometimes missing visits.
  • Huge price rises in hourly rates,especially at weekends.
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding in many areas of basic care needs.


So why am I different


I am ONE person dedicated to the care role, one face, on time, every time.

You will get the full hour you are paying for, no short cuts.

Via my qualifications page you can see the qualifications and level of experience I have, this is over 20 years experience of care.

I will no longer work in care homes, nor care Agencies for the simple reason I have far too many negative experiences of their care of the vulnerable, too often there is lack of time and not enough understanding can be given to each person.

Your loved one is not just a room number and a wage, which is often how patients are seen. They are an individual to be supported and treated as if they were my own family member.


Managers and Nurses I have worked with share their experiences of my care, also most importantly you can see the testimonials from those I have had the pleasure in supporting over the years.


I do not charge enhanced rates for Weekends/ Bank Holidays.


About me


My name is Adeline Dalley, I am 41 years old, married with 3 children.


Care has been my career for 20 years and I love this role. 


I once sadly found myself having to whistleblow, which I did to protect Sir Douglas Baders wife, she was subjected to neglect in a Nursing Home where I worked. Her family have written a foreword in my book to thank me for protecting her, you can also find their testimonial on my care on the testimonial page.


The book is called 'Behind Those Care home Doors', which can be found on this website.


I have also co written a song with a London songwriter called 'Behind Closed Doors' to raise awareness of poor care and the importance of speaking out.


During my work with Alzheimers, this inspired me to design the Hydrate Me Band. For patients in hospital and care settings this can help raise awareness to staff if this person cannot eat or drink unless supported to do so. After a patient of mine was left dehydrated in hospital, despite them knowing her situation this was when I thought of the wrist band which has been met with support from the Care Quality Head.


Following this I was requested to be a keynote speaker for 'Action On Elderly Abuse' at their conference in London. Since then I have been up to meet with Esther Rantzen to discuss the importance of good care in the community and how isolation affects people.


My other passion is being a patron of the 'Edith Ellen Foundation' in Norwich, they are a National Independent Charity, inspiring attitudes that are always dedicated to kindness in care.

Have a look at the testimonial from the foundation on the Edith Ellen page.

We occasionally meet in London with Andrea Sutcliffe the head of the 'Care Quality Commission', striving to improve care.

The CQC link below on Andrea Sutcliffe's blog talks about our meeting in June, it gives just a little bit more information on how important safety and high care standards are to me.